Modelling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems

Prof. Roberto Lot – University of Padova.

This course aims at providing an organic view of the most advanced methods and tools for modeling and simulation of mechanical systems, illustrating the theoretical and practical aspects necessary for a conscious use of multibody software and guiding the student while modeling complexmechanical systems.
Course topics: Mathematical models of mechanical systems. Building models from sub-elementary patterns elementary classical references. Formulation of the equations of motion with symbolic mathematics software. Multibody systems: theorical and numerical aspects of multibody simulations. Analysis of complex mechanical systems with multibody software. Development of a project with LMS multibody VirtualMotion.

Educational Material

This material is reserved for the student attending the corse only.

Solid modelling with CATIA

Basics of Multibody modelling (with LMS Virtual Lab MOTION)

Devepment of a multibody model of a sports car

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