MBSymba workshop at Imperial College in London

A workshop on Modelling of Multibody Systems will be held at the Imperial College in London the 16th and 17th of November 2011 thanks to the hospitality of Dr. Simos Evangelou. There is no registration fee but confirmation of attendance is required before 10th of November in order to guarantee availability. Please contact the organizer at s.evangelou@imperial.ac.uk to book your place.

It is suggested to download  MBSymba in advance to experience it during the workshop. Please remind that MBSymba is freely available for academic and teaching purpose, but you should have your personal license of Maple 12 (or newer).

Workshop Structure:

  • Elements of matrix kinematics. Definition and manipulation of frames, points and vectors in MBSymba. Automatic derivation of velocity and acceleration expressions. Examples. (2 hours)
  • Elements of dynamics. Definition of bodies, forces and torques in MBSymba. Automatic derivation of the Newton-Euler equations and Lagrange equations. Examples. (3hours)
  • Elements of vehicle modelling. The moving frame approach. Modelling and simulation of the single-track vehicle with MBSymba. (3hours)
  • Smart modelling of linear systems. Theoretical background. Case study: car modelling with both infinitesimal and non-infinitesimal degrees of freedom. (2hours)

Venue: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Imperial College London, Exhibition Road, London.

Course material

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